Old Master Hardwood Flooring

Old Master Hardwood Flooring

Old Master Garrison Hardwood Flooring Products

Old Master Garrison Collection create beautiful and enduring hardwood flooring. Every one of products is manufactured with mastery in design and expertise in construction. We understand your desire for beautiful floors and your need for quality products that will last, so we deliver just that: stunning flooring to take pride in!

Prefinished Flooring

We are proud to be the “Home of The Garrison Collection” the brand preferred by flooring professionals in cutting edge, eco-friendly, pre-finished hardwood flooring…

Unfinished Flooring

We stock a full selection of rustic to premium grad unfinished flooring, both solid and engineered. If you don’t see what you are looking for below, please ask! If we don’t have it already, we can get it quickly, at a high quality and a fair price!