Anderson Tuftex Carpet

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Anderson Carpet | Anderson Tuftex Carpet

McCurley’s Floor Center, Inc. has been providing Commercial & Residential Carpets including Anderson Tuftex Carpet locally and nationwide for flooring projects since 1973.

Our Commercial & Residential Flooring team has the experience and can assist you with carpet & flooring selection, design, delivery, installation, maintenance, and recycling. We have successfully completed flooring projects, including, schools, universities, malls, office buildings, business parks, retail stores, airports, hospitals, healthcare, hotels, and more.

Unleashed Collection

Our pets bring us joy, companionship, a listening ear, and a whole lot of fur. If your best friend is a shedder, take heart. With Unleashed, you can have a pet-friendly home that doesn’t look, or smell, like a pet home.

Wonderment Collection

This collection is for the dreamers: the believers in new ideas. You look for ways to see the world afresh and keep wonder alive.

Reverie Collection

Life is loud. The last thing you want to do is to bring the noise home. That’s why you surround yourself with colors and textures designed to make you cozy, bring you joy and keep you calm. This collection was designed to help you do all three.

Anderson Tuftex Carpet Reverie Collection

Reverie Collection

Artistry Collection

The artist understands the concept of doing more with less, the intention behind white space, and the work that goes into nuance. An artist appreciates each brushstroke not just for what it is, but for why it was chosen and how it was used.

Anderson Tuftex Carpet Artistry Collection

Artistry Collection

Classics Collection

Our classics line was made for you––the collector, the maker, the pursuer of intentional living. You chase stories over sales racks and surround yourself with details that matter.

Anderson Tuftex Carpet Classics Collection

Classics Collection

McCurley’s Floor Center, Inc. has been supplying flooring material nationwide to homeowners, contractors, builders, property managers, and trade professions for over 45 years. Now you can pick up your material from one of our distribution centers near you. We have knowledge and experience with all your Commercial and Residential flooring needs. Including Hardwood, Laminate, Carpet, Carpet Tile, LVT, SPC, Luxury Vinyl Plank, Ceramic Tile, Porcelain, Bamboo Cork Flooring, Sports Flooring, Sheet Vinyl, Rubber Flooring, and Specialty Flooring.

We are proud to be an American top retailer and offer a wide range of flooring to California, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, and other states. Service Areas | Flooring Installation

Our professional staff can help you with your flooring project from sample and material selection, Free Estimates, Consultation, delivery, and Expert Installation.

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