2024 New Arrivals: Premium Hardwood Flooring

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Welcome to McCurley’s Floor Center Inc., your trusted destination for premium hardwood flooring in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1973. Explore our latest 2024 arrivals, featuring an exquisite range of high-quality hardwood options, including timeless classics like oak and maple, as well as exotic selections such as walnut and cherry. Our collection showcases unparalleled craftsmanship and stunning finishes in top-notch engineered and solid hardwood flooring. Elevate your space with the enduring beauty and durability of our signature products, backed by decades of expertise and a commitment to superior quality. Experience excellence in hardwood flooring with McCurley’s Floor Center Inc., where our curated selection meets unmatched customer service.

Hardwood Flooring

  • European Oak: Known for its durability and diverse color options.
  • Walnut: Loved for its rich, dark tones and unique grain patterns.
  • Hickory: Valued for its strength and natural variation in color.
  • Maple: Renowned for its durability and light, consistent grain.
  • Bamboo: Sought after for its eco-friendly qualities and durability.
  • Brazilian Teak (Cumaru): Admired for its hardness and reddish-brown hues.
  • Cherry: Appreciated for its warmth and reddish-brown tones.
  • Ash: Noted for its hardness and light-colored, prominent grain.

We take pride in being a top American retailer, offering a wide range of Hardwood Flooring to California, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, and other states. Our professional staff can assist you in your flooring project with sample and material selection, free estimates, consultation, delivery, and expert installation.

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For any inquiries about Hardwood Flooring products, please reach out to our technical representative or customer service at 925-680-4433 or info@MacFloor.com. Trust McCurley’s Floor Center, Inc. to provide you with the best flooring solutions for your needs.