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IndusParquet / IP Hardwood Flooring Products

Indus Parquet or IP Exotic Hardwood Flooring provides beautiful wood floors with the craftsmanship of over a century of experience. Founded and still currently run out of Sao Paulo, Brazil, four generations of family have perfected the art of producing elegant, durable hardwood floors. IP Hardwood’s exotic flooring lines include Smooth, Textured, Metallic, Mosaic and Wall; these feature such hardwood species as Brazilian Cherry, Santos Mahogany, Amendoim, Tigerwood, Tiete Chestnut, Brazilian Hickory, Brazilian Teak, Rosewood, Malbec Walnut, Brazilian Walnut and more. Their floors come in both solid hardwood and engineered prefinished hardwood in different widths and thicknesses. Indus Parquet or IP Exotic Hardwood Flooring has had their premium wood floors installed in such respected settings as the Vatican, Ferrari showrooms in Italy and Louis Vitton and other high end boutiques around the world.

  • IndusParquet Hardwood Smooth Exotics Collection
  • IndusParquet Hardwood Textured Exotics Collection
  • IndusParquet Hardwood Metallic Exotics Collection
  • IndusParquet Hardwood Mosaic Exotics Collection
  • IndusParquet Hardwood Wall Exotics Collection

McCurley’s Floor Center, Inc. have been proud to offer IndusParquet Hardwood Floors for many years. In addition to our national distributor channels, you can find IndusParquet Hardwood products in our showrooms in the Northern California / Bay Area at San Ramon and Concord, CA. These showrooms display a large selection of IndusParquet Wood products available for instant purchase or to be shipped nationwide.

McCurley’s Floor Center is licensed, bonded, and insured, and our in-house installers have knowledge and experience with the IndusParquet Hardwood Floor selection. Our professional staff can help you with any hardwood or other flooring project from sample selection to free estimates and consultation to delivery and flooring installation.

At McCurley’s Floor Center we specialize in green and environmentally-friendly hardwood and flooring products designed for sustainability. Come visit us and see our line of IndusParquet Hardwood Floors today!