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What you should know before you buy commercial Tile for your project.

  • Porcelain Grade: Porcelain tile has a rating factor from 0 to 5 where 0 is the softest tile and is good for wall applications. The highest is a rating of 5 which represents the hardest surface tile for heavy traffic areas.
  • Water absorption, (ASTMC373): Individual water absorption is measured using ASTMC373. Tiles are weighed saturated with water, then reweighed again. The difference between the conditions is referred to as the water absorption value. Tiles are classified to their water absorption percentage as follows:

Impervious, tiles showing 0.5% or less.
Vitreous, tiles showing more than 0.5% but not more than 3.0%.
SemiVitreous, tiles showing more than 3.0% but not more than 7.0%.
NonVitreous, tiles showing more than 7.0%

  • Scratch Resistance (MOHS scratch rating): The hardness of tile is an important factor that you should know before selecting a tile. The rating of 1 represents softest and a rating of 10 represents Diamond or the hardest. For example, a rating of 5 or more is suitable for most residential flooring applications and a value of 7 or greater is recommended for commercial tile applications.
  • Shade Variation: Shade variation is a range of color and shade variation between the tiles. Which is rated from V0 (more color uniformity) to V4 (Great variation from tile to tile).

There are other factors such as tile Abrasion resistance, tile Friction resistance, as well as others.

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