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Commercial CarpetLooking to create a cheerful and enjoyable area for your office, Library or any other commercial space. McCurley’s Floor Center has you covered with a wide variety of carpet and carpet tiles with quality and design at satisfying prices tailored to your project. Commercial carpet and carpet tiles are a more cost-effective product compared to hard surface flooring.

With hundreds of styles, patterns and design options available you cannot go wrong dealing with us. Whether you are an Architect, Designer, General contractor, Property manager or trade professional our flooring professional flooring team has the knowledge and experience to help you from start to finish.

We provide Floor Contracting services, and our in-house, experienced flooring installers are ready to provide reliable and timely floor installation. McCurley’s Floor Center, Inc. strives for sustainability and is committed to partnerships with green and environmentally-responsible flooring companies who maintain our natural resources.

Browse our commercial carpet and carpet tile brands

    • Aladdin Commercial Carpet
    • Atlas Carpet Mills
    • Bentley Commercial Carpet
    • Bigelow Commercial Carpet
    • Blue Ridge Commercial Carpet
    • Cambridge Commercial Carpet
    • Collins & Aikman Commercial Carpet
    • Durkan Commercial Carpet
    • EF Contract Carpet
    • Interface Commercial Carpet
    • J & J Invison Carpet
    • Karastan Commercial Carpet
    • Kraus Carpet
    • Lees Commercial Carpet
  • Mannington Commercial Carpet
  • Masland Commercial Carpet
  • Merton Carpet
  • Milliken Carpet
  • Mohawk Commercial Carpet
  • Mohawk Group
  • Next floor Carpet
  • Patcraft Commercial Carpet
  • Philadelphia Commercial Carpet
  • Portico Carpet
  • Queen Commercial Carpet
  • Shaw Contract Group
  • Tandus Carpet

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