Armstrong Commercial Flooring

Armstrong commercial flooring! The best flooring for any space.

Today’s commercial market requires flooring products which can provide durability, superior performance, and style. Armstrong Commercial Flooring is the best solution for these needs. Armstrong commercial offers beautiful collections of designs and patterns in many colors. Market segments of Armstrong product include Heath care flooring, retail, multi-property flooring, hospitality, educational and many more.

Luxury Vinyl TileArmstrong Luxury Vinyl Tile

Natural Creation: Commercial flooring projects today call for quicker turnaround and high-quality product that meets any budget. The Natural Creations Luxury Vinyl Tile collections are a perfect solution for spaces that require faster installation. Armstrong natural Creation is easy to maintain and easy to repair

Rigid Core Flooring


Rigid Core Flooring has arrived. Typically comprised of a solid polymer core, these products feature ease of installation, superior indent resistance, acoustic benefits, and authentic designs.

Homogeneous Sheet Vinyl
Armstrong Homogeneous Sheet Vinyl

Homogeneous is the ultimate flooring experience that has proven to be the best flooring that provides a clean and durable sheet vinyl. Unlike other products Homogeneous sheet vinyl such as Meditech and medintone made of Diamond 10 technology coating which provides resistance to scratch, stain and scuff marks and is the best solution for health care and educational environments. Medintech and medintone si an excellent durable floor that comes in many beautiful colors and designs.

Heterogeneous Sheet Vinyl
Armstrong Heterogeneous Sheet Vinyl

Health care and educational facilities need to ensure optimal hygiene and healthy indoor spaces. Armstrong heterogeneous sheet flooring is built in anti-fungi treatment to prevent the development of microorganisms and other bacteria. (* video)

Armstrong Bio-Flooring
Striations and Migrations BBT were carefully curated as complementary collections – a sophisticated palette of organic tones coupled with modular installation options to give you optimum design flexibility.

Vinyl Composition Tile
Armstrong Vinyl Composition Tile

Armstrong Vinyl Composition Tile witch is also called VCT offers beauty and durability with affordable pricing. Excellon VCT is the most common of Armstrong VCT witch withstands heavy foot and rolling load traffic. Armstrong VCT features a wide variety of styles and colors which are made in the USA. Armstrong offers many great collections.

Raffia Stream with Diamond 10 Technology Coating
Armstrong Raffia Stream
Differentiated visuals delight with flowing accents over a rich contrasted base, in a 12”x24” tile format. Rich bold hues and tranquil neutral tones enable more design possibilities.

Premium Excelon STONETEX
 Premium Excelon Stonetex
With the appeal of natural stone and a granite-like appearance, durable Stonetex provides design freedom for high-traffic commercial settings. Available in 18″x18″ or 12″x12”

Premium Excelon ChromaSpin
Armstrong Premium Excelon ChromaSpin
It offers exciting, chromatic visuals in a variety of favorite tonal step colors. Easy maintenance and true through-pattern construction for extended floor life.

Armstrong Premium Excelon COMPANION SQUARE
Provides true through-pattern construction with neutral backgrounds plus solid accent color splashes to create unique floor designs in a variety of high-traffic commercial settings

Premium Excelon RAFFIA
Armstrong Premium Excelon RAFFIA
It provides a linear visual and a natural palette in a unique 12”x24” modular format to help create a more contemporary, inviting feel to commercial spaces.

Premium Excelon FEATURE Tile & Strip
Armstrong Premium Excelon FEATURE Tile Strip
Create accents, borders, wayfinding and custom insets in true sold colors to bring added zest to your next commercial space design with Feature Tile, Strips & Insets.

Premium Excelon Crown Texture
Armstrong Premium Excelon Crown Texture
Non-directional tone on tone VCT providing a monolithic visual with a palette of colors ranging from sophisticated classics to fresh pop and accent colors.

Standard Excelon Imperial Texture
Available with Diamond 10 Technology coating for reduced cost of ownership.

Standard Excelon Multicolor
Armstrong Standard Excelon Multicolor
Create a coordinated look with our Imperial Texture by using this line with accented visuals.

Standard Excelon Imperial Texture with Diamond 10 Technology Coating
Armstrong Standard Excelon Imperial Texture1
Available to order with Diamond 10 Technology coating for reduced maintenance and floors that look newer, longer.

Standard Excelon Multicolor with Diamond 10 Technology Coating
Available to order with Diamond 10 Technology coating through April 30, 2020.

Static Control Flooring Armstrong Excellon EDT
Armstrong Static Control Flooring
As a leader in commercial flooring, Armstrong provides modular static VCT for commercial applications requiring static control. Excelon SDT is recommended for computer rooms, data warehousing, electronic labs and hyperbaric spaces in health care settings.

Slip Retardant Flooring
Armstrong Slip Retardant Flooring
Healthcare, education, and retail facilities have an extraordinary responsibility to protect the health and well-being of occupants with an environment that is clean, comfortable, dry and safe. Safety Zone Sheet and Tile Flooring is designed with this in mind, providing enhanced traction for an added measure of safety where it matters most.

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