Commercial Laminate

Commercial Laminate Flooring

Commercial Laminate Flooring

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Laminate is a more cost-effective product compared to natural products such as tile, wood or stone. Commercial laminate none the less offers durability due to its traits to resist Sunlight and scuffs and scratches as well as wear and tear from heavy use.

Digital images allow the laminate to present any look that natural material can with vibrant colors and designer styles. New technology allows the laminate to reduce cost and wasted material with glue-free and pre-glued options. Since laminate takes advantage of recycled materials it is environmentally friendly by not depleting our forests to use wood as a prime component. This makes it a great choice for the way we live today and for your budget due to its cost savings.

If you wish to modernize your office and space with laminate you need to know the AC rating you require for the use the floor will see. AC ratings range from AC1 to AC5. AC1 and AC2 are generally used for residential use and are not designed for heavy traffic areas that commercial flooring sees. AC3 is good for light commercial use that sees light foot traffic like an office. For more traveled areas with heavier use, you need AC4 or AC5 to handle the increased wear these areas will see. Knowledge of the wear your floor will see and selecting the appropriate AC rating will allow for a longer more resilient life for your commercial laminate floor.

Manufactures available include:

  • Armstrong
  • Bruce
  • Inhaus
  • Mannington
  • Mohawk
  • Shaw Contract
  • Tandus Centiva
  • Quick-Step

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