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California Classics hardwood floors are hand-carved to be beautiful and to be affordable. California Classics hardwood flooring provides a hand-scraped detail from a double hand-staining or wire brush to add fashion to your home. These Hardwood floors are sealed with 8 coats of American Valspar finishes making these collections ultra-durable.

Mediterranean Hardwood Collection – 4mm X 8” W Wire Brush
MCAG470    AEGEAN    French Oak
MCYP487    CALYPSO    French Oak
MCGB494    GIBRALTAR    French Oak
MCNN500    IONIAN    French Oak
MCKW517    KERREW    French Oak
MCGR524    LIGURIAN    French Oak
MCTY531    TYRRHENIAN    French Oak
MCVM548    VALLDEMOSSA    French Oak
MCLV018    LEVANT    French Oak
MCKZ025    KAZALLA    French Oak
MCST032    SANTOLINA    French Oak
MCCS056    CRISPUS    French Oak
MCSN094    SARGON    French Oak
MCMN692    MONACO    French Oak
MCCA708    CALABRIA    French Oak
MCPI715    POSITANO    French Oak

Reserve Collection – 2mm X 4, 6, & 8” W Hand Scraped
ACFO553    SONOMA    Hickory
ACAE379    MENDOCINO    Hickory
ACTR393    NAPA    Hickory
ACMC539    PASO ROBLES    Maple
ACSC416    LOS OLIVOS    Maple
ACFU430    SAN YNEZ    Maple

Versailles Collection X 2mm – 7 ½” W Antiqued
VCWA678    WASH    French Oak
VCMI685    MIST    French Oak
VCBI692    BISCUIT    French Oak
VCSE708    SEAFOAM    French Oak
VCBA715    BARN    French Oak
VCIN722    INDUSTRIAL    French Oak
VCDL739    DOLPHIN    French Oak

Estate Collection – 2mm X 4,6, &8” W Wire Brush
ECDS632    DELCHAMPS    Maple
ECGT649    GALLATIN    Maple
ECJT663    JOLIET    Maple
ECAM425    ARMADALE    Maple
ECLS858    LE SALLE    Maple
ECGR656    GRANDJEAN    Hickory
ECRH700    ROCHEPOR    Hickory
ECST724    SONNETTE    Walnut
ECMO810    MONETTE    Walnut

Versailles Collection – 1.5mm X 6” W Antiqued
VCSU784    SURF    Maple
VCTA791    TAWNY    Maple
VCST807    STEEL    Maple
VCGU838    GUNMETAL    Maple
VCIV845    IVORY    Hickory
VCDU852    DUNE    Hickory
VCDS869    DUSK    Hickory
VCSM876    SMOKE    Hickory
VCSH883    SHALE    Hickory
VCCH913    CHAR     Hickory

Matisse Collection – 2mm X  6 ½” W Brushed
MTMP132    MONTPARNASSE    French Oak
MTMG149    MONTAIGNE    French Oak
MTCL156    COLLIOURE    French Oak
MTTD163    TROCADERO    French Oak
MTNM170    NORMANDY    French Oak
MTBB194    BEAUBORG    French Oak
MTVL200    VILLETTE    French Oak
MTMA224    MARAIS    French Oak
MTLF439 LAFITTE    French Oak

Pacific Treasure – 2mm X 5” W Hand Scraped
PTLB928    LAGUNA BEACH    Maple
PTPE911    PEBBLE BEACH    Maple
PTVB904    VENICE BEACH    Maple
PTPI889    PISMO BEACH    Maple
PTZU765    ZUMA BEACH    Maple
PTPB357    PONTO BEACH    Maple
PTRB371    SOLANA BEACH    Maple

California Classics – 2mm X 4,5, & 6” W Hand Scraped
CCPA713    PASADENA    Maple
CCHO744    HOLLYWOOD    Maple
CCMO751    MONTECITO    Maple
CCLA737    LA JOLLA    Maple
CCNB435    TIBURON    Maple
CCDM683    DEL MAR    Hickory
CCSM690    SANTA MONICA    Hickory
CCBS296    BIG SUR    Hickory

California Classics – 2mm X 6” W Hand Scraped
CCPS720    PALM SPRINGS    Maple
CCMA768    MALIBU    Maple
CCSD0399    SAN DIEGO    Maple
CCSB706    SANTA BARBARA    Hickory
CCPA340    CARPINTERIA    Hickory
CCRS887    RANCHO SANTA FE    Walnut

Acacia Collection – 2mm X 4 ¾” W Scraped
ACCL0436    SAO PAULO    Acacia
ACHA2829    SANTIAGO    Acacia
ACBA5233    BUENOS AIRES    Acacia
ACGU0474    PATAGONIA    Acacia

South West – 2mm X 5” W Hand Scraped
SWWI294    WISTERIA    Birch
SWSI317    SIENNA    Birch
SWME324    MERTENZIA    Birch
SWBE331    BERRYESSA    Birch
SWMH479    MOCHA    Birch

McCurley’s Floor Center, Inc. and has been proud to offer GemWoods Hardwood Floors for many years. In addition to our national distributor channels, you can find GemWoods Hardwood products in our flooring showrooms in the Northern California/Bay Area at San Ramon and Concord, CA. These showrooms display a large selection of GemWoods Wood products available for instant purchase or to be shipped nationwide.

McCurley’s Floor Center is licensed, bonded, and insured, and our in-house installers have knowledge and experience with the GemWoods Hardwood Floor selection. Our professional staff can help you with any hardwood or other flooring projects from sample selection to free estimates and consultation to delivery and flooring installation.

At McCurley’s Floor Center we specialize in green and environmentally-friendly hardwood and flooring products designed for sustainability. Come visit us and see our line of GemWoods Hardwood Floors today!