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Hardwood Flooring

What you should know about Hardwood Floors!

Hardwood floors have been popular for the last 50 years. In recent years, they are not only fashionable but also increase the value of your property. There are many varieties and choices of style, color, and finish, which you should know before you purchase any hardwood flooring.

Below are some points to help you to make a smart decision for your hardwood floor.

  • Will the new hardwood floor be installed on grade, above grade, or below grade?
  • Is the subfloor wood or concrete?
  • What is the chance of moisture, humidity, or condensation?
  • Will you install the floor yourself?
  • What is solid hardwood and engineered hardwood and what is the difference?
  • What do you know about the style and species of wood?

Solid hardwood- All wood flooring no matter length or width is consisting of one piece of wood from the top to the bottom.

Engineered hardwood-Consists of layers of wood pressed together, with different directions of the grain resulting in more stability and moisture resistance. The chance of expansion or contraction is minimized.

Types of Hardwood Flooring: Prefinished Hardwood Floors, Unfinished, Exotic & Hand Scraped Hardwood Flooring, Wood Floor Species, Solid & Engineered, top nail wood flooring and European floor.

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