Columbia Hardwood Flooring

columbia-hardwood-flooringColumbia Hardwood Flooring Products

Columbia Hardwood floors are beautiful, authentic, originally handcrafted, locally grown and harvested here in the United States of America. American Columbia Hardwood Floors are designed to enhance the style in your taste and décor; you can find beautiful collections for any designs that fit all budgets. American Columbia Hardwood Floors have three types of styles which are; character floors, domestic exotic floors, and traditional oaks floors, and each style has a variety in collections and colors to choose from.

  1. Columbia Character Hardwood Floor: Wimberly Collection – Colors: Sea Salt Hickory, Wicker Hickory, Cottage Hickory, Cellar Hickory, Cotton Oak, Boulder Hickory, Baltic Hickory, and Obsidian Oak
  2. Columbia Character Hardwood Floor: Vale Collection – Colors: Suede Walnut, Opal Hickory, Storm Maple, Rum Spice Oak, and Cannon Oak.
  3. Columbia Character Hardwood Floor: Ashby Collection – Colors: Ivory Lace Maple, Twill Oak, and Palisade Oak.
  4. Columbia Character Hardwood Floor: Claremont Collection – Colors: Vanilla Hickory, Bronze Oak, Fawn Maple, Barley Oak, Manor Hickory, Hearth Maple, and Sterling Oak.
  5. Columbia Character Hardwood Floor: Ashlynn Collection – Colors: Blanched Almond Oak, Hazel Oak, Henna Oak, Butternut Hickory, Wood Hickory, and Sable Oak.
  6. Columbia Character Hardwood Floor: Weston Collection – Colors: Woven Oak, Summer Oak, Rusted Oak, Cobblestone Hickory, and Twine Hickory.
  7. Columbia Character Hardwood Floor: Gunnison Collection – Colors: Old Palomino Maple, Roasted Java Maple, Honeysuckle Hickory, Hazelnut Hickory, Antique Hickory, Rich Chicory Oak, and Brown Sugar Walnut.
  8. Columbia Character Hardwood Floors: Hayden Collection – Colors: Rustic Amber Hickory, Lantern Hickory, Truffle Hickory, Brick Maple, Almond Swirl Walnut, and Midnight Cherry.
  9. Columbia Domestic Exotics Hardwood Floor: Beckham Collection – Colors: Chiffon Maple, Cinder Maple, Slate Maple, Charcoal Maple, Shortbread Hickory, Stallion Hickory, and Sapling Hickory.
  10. Columbia Domestic Exotics Hardwood Floor: Beckham Engineered Collection – Colors: Chiffon Maple 5” , Cinder Maple 5”, Slate Maple 5”, Charcoal Maple  5”, Shortbread Hickory 5 “, Stallion Hickory 5”, and Sapling Hickory 5”.
  11. Columbia Domestic Exotics Hardwood Floor: Lewis Walnut Collection – Colors: Mocha Walnut, Hazelnut Walnut, and Natural Walnut.
  12. Columbia Domestic Exotics Hardwood Floor: Morton Cherry Collection – Colors: Black Cherry.
  13. Columbia Domestic Exotics Hardwood Floor: Wilson Maple Collection – Colors: Stirrup Maple.
  14. Columbia Traditional Oak Hardwood Floor: Adams Signature Oak Collection – Colors: Red Oak Natural, Barrel Oak, Gunstock Oak, Chocolate Oak, and Pewter Oak.
  15. Columbia Traditional Oak Hardwood Floor: Congress Oak Collection – Colors: Red Oak Natural, Sunrise Oak, Toffee Oak, Java Oak, Auburn Oak, and Fawn Oak.
  16. Columbia Traditional Oak Hardwood Floor: Livingston Oak Collection – Colors: Henna Oak, Drawbridge Oak, Smoky Oak, Shadow Oak, Natural Oak, Honey Oak, and Cocoa Oak.
  17. Columbia Traditional Oak Hardwood Floor: Beacon Oak Collection – Natural Oak, Honey Oak, Cider Oak, Henna Oak, and Barrel Oak.
  18. Columbia Traditional Oak Hardwood Floor: Augusta Oak Collection – Colors: Natural Oak 3“, Honey Oak3”, Cider Oak3”, Henna Oak 3”, and Barrel Oak 3”.

McCurley’s Floor Center, Inc. is proud to offer Columbia Hardwood Flooring. In addition to our nationwide distributor centers, you can find Columbia Hardwood products in our flooring showrooms in the Northern California / Bay Area at San Ramon and Concord, CA. These showrooms display a large selection of Columbia Hardwood Flooring products available for instant purchase or to be shipped nationwide.

McCurley’s Floor Center has over 40 years of experience not only providing the material but also offering professional installation with our in-house installation team that have knowledge and experience with the Columbia Hardwood Flooring selection. Our professional staff can help you with any hardwood or other flooring project from sample selection to free estimates and consultation to delivery and flooring installation. We also offer a full line of cleaners and maintenance products for Columbia hardwood and other flooring materials.

At McCurley’s Floor Center we specialize in green and environmentally-friendly hardwood and flooring products designed for sustainability. Come visit us and see our line of Columbia Hardwood Flooring today!